"An experience with endless possibilities of discovery, dining and cocktail-ing awaits….tell them Madam sent you."


The Inspiration 

A hundred years ago, the neighborhood that madam now resides in was known amongst the locals as Storyville, New Orleans’s famed red-light district known to be a Treasure trove of indulgences - in food, drink, music arts and other wise…

Stepping into Madam’s Modern Kitchen + Bar is like taking a walk back through time. Storyville was an incubator of innovation in food, drink, music and entertainment during the late Victorian era of New Orleans. Madam wants to help revive that joie de vie in her new (old) neighborhood.



The Fare

The menu found at Madam’s is inspired by the evolution of the New Orleans culinary scene in the last century, by integrating classic creole cuisine with the recently arrived flavors of Southeast Asia, Italy, and Latin America. A broad palette of flavors and techniques will converge to offer guests a one-of-a-kind experience.


The Scene

As a nod to a bygone era, Madam’s integrates details of the past into every aspect of the dining experience from the décor to the menus, through entertainment and the atmosphere. The Cocktail menus are inspired by the historical “Blue Books “a directory created to steer newcomers to Storyville’s finest mansions and other tasty attractions. 


Artwork adorns the walls filled with glimpses of men and women of the era, with a tasteful modern twist. Elegant throwback details such as rich tufted leather seating, a wood-topped marble bar, tin accented tray ceiling, French doors, and antiqued brick walls add to the ambiance. The Private dining room is inspired by the “Hall of Mirrors” – Lulu Whites’ Famed Storyville abode. The cherry on top of it all is the live local entertainment on display nightly in the main dining room.

Madam has mastered the art of sauntering along the line between sophisticated and sultry. Daytime offerings include breakfast, lunch and brunch. As the sun sets, and dinner time rolls around, the mood transitions from a lighthearted daylight ambiance to a more sensuous scene.